Thai Massage


Traditional Thai Massage in Delhi

Thai massage: the Buddhist technique that works on the energy lines of the body

A holistic experience that unites the physical body with the energetic and that sinks its roots in ancient spiritual traditions.


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thai massage in delhi
thai massage in delhi

Thai massage or Thai massage is an ancient traditional massage technique developed in Thailand. It is mainly characterized by working with deep massage throughout the body through pressure, passive mobilization and stretching adapted to the needs and situation of each user. The use of the traditional Thai massage technique is usually done in the context of maintaining good general health and obtaining physical well-being and relaxation. It is usually used in sessions of one to two hours administered by masseuses specialized in this traditional technique.

Benefits of Thai massage

This healing technique is performed with accurate body manipulations, based on contractions and stretching following the lines through which -it is said- vital energy passes.

Therapists assure that this tool has multiple benefits, mentioning that it: relieves menstrual pain, reduces nausea, improves the digestive system, eliminates toxins, improves sleep quality, facilitates mental and physical relaxation, allows the body to connect with the mind and space.

The Thai massage in Delhi is as they say, the feeling of physical, mental and emotional balance is, in a nutshell, a holistic experience.

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thai massage in delhi


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