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Balinese Massage in Delhi

Everything you need to know about the great benefits offered by Balinese massages for complete relaxation in mind and body

Release tensions with a Balinese massage in Delhi that will make you feel the most absolute peace and relaxation. You can choose between different treatments depending on the areas of the body you want to work on. An essential if you are in Bali!


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balinese massage in delhi

Balinese massage has its origin in Hindu Ayurvedic medicine, which is in turn related to traditional Chinese medicine. From Indonesia, specifically from the island of Bali hence its name.

This ancient massage allows you to dissolve all kinds of deep tension that you have in your body and mind, taking you to another universe of total relaxation. One of its main characteristics is, without a doubt, its particular exoticism thanks to the fact that a large number of scented essential oils are used in Balinese massage. In this way, with the use of these oils, when applying pressure and manual movements throughout the body, a complete activation of the lymphatic system is achieved along with blood circulation, which directly favors the effective regeneration of the skin.

The technique consists of wrapping and sculpting the body in its entirety with harmonic and continuous movements from head to toe in the form of a wave or continuous caress, avoiding sudden changes in rhythm and loss of contact.

The patient feels cared for, collected and pampered at all times, the masseuse’s motivation is to create a place of refuge and well-being.

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balinese massage in delhi


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