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Day Body Spa is one of the most renowned full body to body massage parlour in Delhi for the quality of its massages and rituals, individual or couples, and its beauty treatments.


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A comfortable location to unwind away from the bustle of the city!

Friendly Service

We provides you the best environmentally friendly spa service ever.

Good Therapist

A good therapist respects that the art of massage is both physical & emotional.

Do Your Spa Treatment And Therapy With Us

In our massage spa in Delhi, we have 6 treatment rooms, decorated to achieve maximum comfort while you put yourself in the hands of our expert masseuses.

Full Body Massage  Parlour in Delhi

It is a cheerful and welcoming space where everything is designed to offer its clients maximum comfort, with all the necessary equipment to achieve the perfect finish for your body.


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Massage Therapist

Our technique is the Swedish massage, one of the most popular treatments. . .

A holistic experience that unites the physical body with the energetic . . .

Relaxing full body to body massage in delhi that restores the balance of body and mind.

During the aromatherapy massage with fragrant essential oils dissolved . . .

5 Years of Experience in The Massage Therapist

For more than 5 years we have been the oasis of relaxation and well-being for hundreds of clients who rely on the professionalism of our masseuses to enjoy a spa treatment or relaxing full body to body massage in delhi by Oil, Cream, Gel and Powder.

Why Choose Our Spa ?

We provide massage services designed to support your needs. We can completely customize a package to your needs, giving you the opportunity to relax and treat yourself.

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Contact us to book your body massage session by phone today.

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Our Staff is clean & trained to give best massage service you need.

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Get affordable Massage services 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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What Our Client Say

"I had a wonderful experience. Love this place. Been here 4 times already with different therapists, and they’ve all been amazing body to body massage! "


"Excellent first visit. Friendly and relaxing environment. Professional staff. I definitely recommend this place!"


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Our Staff is trained to give best massage service you need. Our guarantee is the clients, clients who after trying and repeating their visit to Day Body Spa in Delhi to enjoy our spa treatments, alone or with their partners, value us very positively reviews.


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